Getting StartedPackage management made easy


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Pixi is a package management tool for developers. It allows the developer to install libraries and applications in a reproducible way. Use pixi cross-platform, on Windows, Mac and Linux.


To install pixi you can run the following command in your terminal:


You might need to restart your terminal or source your shell for the changes to take effect.


To get autocompletion run:

And then restart the shell or source the shell config file.

Alternative installation methods

Although we recommend installing pixi through the above method we also provide additional installation methods.


Pixi is available via homebrew. To install pixi via homebrew simply run:

brew install pixi

Windows installer

We provide an msi installer on our Github releases page. The installer will download pixi and add it to the path.

Install from source

pixi is 100% written in Rust, and therefore it can be installed, built and tested with cargo. To start using pixi from a source build run:

cargo install --locked --git

or when you want to make changes use:

cargo build
cargo test

If you have any issues building because of the dependency on rattler checkout it's compile steps


To uninstall pixi from your system, simply remove the binary.

After this command, you can still use the tools you installed with pixi. To remove these as well, just remove the whole ~/.pixi directory and remove the directory from your path.