Package browsingLearn how to navigate the to find the packages you need.

Visit our dashboard and use the search bar to locate all available packages on our website. As you type, a list of packages within their respective channels will appear. Click on the channel name to navigate to the channel or select the entire cell to access the latest version of the package.

Search mamba in the dashboard

When visiting a package page, you can explore various URLs:

  • Feedstock: The repository containing the package recipe. Useful for understanding the process through which the package is generated.
  • Home: The package's homepage, as defined in the recipe.
  • Documentation: The package's documentation page, as defined in the recipe.
  • Feedstock Pull Requests: View any open pull requests for the package's feedstock.

The package's variants

A package may have multiple versions, and each version can have different builds and builds for various operating systems. The Package Variant table provides a helpful overview.

Clicking on an entry in the table expands the list of dependencies for that package variant.

Numpy package variant

Hover over the listed dependencies to obtain more information on the items. If there are repodata patches, they will also be displayed in the Package Variant table.

Common patches found in the table:

  • Yanked: The package is removed from the repodata, but the download link remains accessible. The package can only be used by linking to it directly.
  • Removed dependencies: Visualized as red pills in the dependency list. These dependencies are removed from the repodata after the package was built.
  • Added dependencies: Visualized as green pills in the dependency list. These dependencies are added to the repodata after the package was built.

    Numpy package variant