Package Management

Think of it as Poetry for a unified Conda & Python ecosystem.

Blazingly fast, written in Rust.

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Powered by open-source channels: conda-forge, bioconda, and more!

We are building on top of the Conda packaging ecosystem, which already provides thousands of packages for Python and other languages. We are looking at ways to unify this with the existing PyPI ecosystem. Learn more about the Conda ecosystem and its channels in our documentation.

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px - The Unified Package Manager

px is a package manager for Conda packages. It is written in Rust and uses the same dependency solver as mamba. It combines the best of mamba, conda-lock, conda-devenv, condax in one tool. And it will build packages for you, too.

See what it can do:

Also featuring:

  • Powerful and hermetic development environments. Per-project configuration file.
  • Based on the conda package standard – thousands of OSS packages readily available
  • Automatic lock-files for reproducible sharing of environments
  • Integrated package building capabilities: Ship projects by uploading them to prefix.dev channels
  • Globally install tools with px install (without a base environment)
  • Written in Rust for maximum performance
  • SAT based package resolver to ensure compatibility