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Wolf Vollprecht
Written by Wolf Vollprecht a year ago is hiring!

Hi, my name is Wolf and I recently started Prefix! At Prefix, we love open source and building amazing developer tools to empower our users to do their work as smoothly as possible. Prefix builds on top of the ecosystem that we created with the open source mamba package manager. We aim to make mamba the package manager of choice for everyone. Software should not have to be containerized to be usable!

We want to make mamba faster, more secure and build an amazing experience around it. We are a group of ex-roboticists, ex-data scientists and former game developers who have come together to craft developer tools. We love clean, modern, statically typed code and speed 🚀 – that’s why we decided to write the entire web backend in Rust with an awesome GraphQL API. And mamba is famously written in C++. For the frontend, we chose TypeScript and React. Does that sound appealing to you?

Our tools are heavily used in the PyData / data science ecosystem. We want to go further, and get them adopted everywhere: robotics, web development, IOT... The core ideas of mamba & conda-forge are not bound to any specific software domain or programming language.

Our first mission is to help the conda-forge ecosystem to grow further and become a super stable distribution of thousands of ready-to-use packages. That’s why we’re launching a website that makes browsing the conda-forge repository faster and more fun. I like to compare conda-forge with “Wikipedia”: a big knowledge base of “recipes” to package software. There is a lot of untapped potential in this knowledge that we want to leverage at Prefix.

If you want to join us for this fun ride 🎢, we would love it if:

  • you are excited about developer tools and DX*
  • you know the ins and outs of packaging software
  • you like Rust, C++, Go, Python or TypeScript
  • you are not afraid to fiddle with CI pipelines
  • you enjoy going to conferences, speaking on panels and sharing your knowledge with others

💼 Why work at Prefix?

  • At Prefix, we believe everyone on our team should feel like a champion in and to the open source communities. We expect you to engage with the mamba and conda-forge communities in positive ways.
  • Your name will be on the product – we expect you to write blog posts about your developments and be an active open source maintainer.
  • Our team has a track record of solving difficult problems and crafting awesome tools that users love.
  • We apply European 🇪🇺 rules to benefits regardless of where you work: at least 25 days of time off, full healthcare.
  • We will be headquartered in Berlin and support working remotely from anywhere. This includes having mini-work centers in places like Utrecht, Netherlands. We go where the talent is.
  • We’ll have regular meetups as a company somewhere in Europe. We all enjoy outdoor activities, cooking together and having fun as a group. Everybody can contribute.
  • We expect you to be a good communicator because we want the entire team involved with writing developer blog posts and documentation.

📍 Where? Currently, prefix has employees in Berlin 🇩🇪 and Utrecht (Netherlands 🇳🇱). We would love it if you live or want to live in either place, to join us in the office – ready to conquer the world! Remote work can be discussed as well.

📝 How to apply If you are interested, please send your CV and examples of your code (GitHub profile would be great) to

(* Developer experience)