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Why we support PackagingCon

Wolf Vollprecht
Written by Wolf Vollprecht a month ago

At we are committed to building a joyful package management experience. We help the conda-forge project to package loads of software – Python, R, C++, …. As such, we interact with different package management systems on a daily basis (pip, CRAN, vcpkg and many more). When we deploy our website, we build a Docker container using Alpine Linux or Debian. One striking observation is that all of them are so similar, and yet so different.

PackagingCon 2023

We support PackagingCon as a place for all the different packaging communities to come together and share their experiences. Problems that are facing one community might have already been solved by another: package signing, CDN usage, hosting costs, version matching, SAT solving, binary compatibility, ABIs and APIs, sandboxing and containerization and more! We are looking forward to meeting with many other projects and community members at this unique event.

This year's PackagingCon event is an in-person and hybrid event. The event location is the EUREF Campus in Berlin – a very nice venue in one of the open source hotspots in Europe. We are looking forward to hearing many interesting talks and (more importantly) hanging out with folks from different communities! To learn more about PackagingCon, please head to the website:

You can expect the entire team to be there in person! Full disclosure: Wolf – our CEO – is also very active in the organization of the event. We will bring some stickers and hopefully have a talk or two about building an advanced package manager and package hosting platform in Rust!

We hope to be able to meet you there!